Alternative Fuel Suppliers 

ALTENS is a pioneering French company in the manufacture of biofuels. It is also specialized in the distribution of these alternative fuels throughout the territory. The ALTENS product range is part of the CO2 Objective Charter. Their fuels are an immediate response to carriers who want to achieve CO2 reduction targets; a solution for captive fleets such as carriers and local authorities.

Launch of the flagship products of the range: the PUR 100 and the PUR XTL.

1. Le PUR100 (B100)
PUR100 (B100) is an agrofuel produced from rapeseed, grown locally and traced from the farmer's field to the user's tank. More ecological than diesel, this fuel provides an immediate environmental solution for professionals by supporting French agriculture and rural areas.

PUR-XTL is a synthetic paraffinic biodiesel made from waste (residual oils or fats). A biofuel that complies with the EN 15940 standard and is compatible with all diesel engines. PUR-XTL is very stable over time and very insensitive to degradation by oxidation.

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