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The main objective of Summit Group's new visual identity is to reflect the dynamics that drive its mining services, Summit Mining, and investment services, Summit Gravity. More than a simple graphic design, this new visual language is part of a larger plan, that of establishing the Summit brand as a key player in the economic landscape of cryptocurrencies.

The symbol

The Summit Group symbol is the central element of this new identity. It is impactful, recognizable, and memorable by all. It symbolizes the unity of the group and offers both coherence and constancy. This symbol, or monogram, results from the addition of graphic signs. It highlights the fundamentals that make Summit a key player in the cryptocurrency economic landscape: Stability, Constancy, Balance. Notions that make Summit the only cryptocurrency investment service that is both ethical and profitable. Ultimately, this acronym is the basis for the conquest of a new notoriety. He is the dynamic showcase that animates the group and its services in order to make an impression.

This symbol is an integral part of the logotype. It is however possible to use it alone in several cases, as a graphic element of brand recognition so as not to make the use of the entire logotype redundant. It can also be used when the available space does not allow the complete positioning of the logotype as on the avatars of social networks. In addition, it can be used as interior or exterior signage, or repeated ad infinitum as a pattern or serve as a signature or closing element of a document. Finally, this symbol can, depending on the medium of use, be available in a knockout or monochrome version.

The logo

In order to coordinate in a homogeneous way the whole of the communication of the Summit group, it is necessary to clarify some concepts:
1• The symbol designates the Summit monogram. It is located on the left side of the graphic identity.
The color gradient designates the group.
2• “The name” corresponds to the typographic part of the graphic identity.
3• Finally, the logotype brings together the symbol and the name.

Visual identity

Printed materials are an essential part of the visual universe of a graphic charter. They are the showcase of the brand image. Also, great care has been given to the choice of materials, colors and printing processes.

Editorial design

As with the printing choices for paper media, particular attention is paid to the layout of editorial documents. 
This meets defined typographical standards as well as a modular layout grid.
The modular layout grid used is the Golden Grid, it's the one using for its construction the Golden Ratio as seen previously. The placement of the logotype can be done at the corners of the grid respecting a spacing of 15mm from the edge of the page, and also at the intersections of the diagonals on points of strength.



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